Cat, Blount Change Forestry Agreement

Posted on February 17, 2006

Caterpillar Inc. and Blount International, Inc. have announced changes in the three year old marketing and supply agreements between the two companies. The biggest change finds the name of the “alliance” brand of forestry equipment being changed from Timberking to Caterpillar and Cat.

The March 2003 agreements called for Blount to sell certain forestry equipment under the Cat-owned Timberking brand and provide marketing and product support to Caterpillar forestry dealers worldwide. The Timberking line was to be sold exclusively through Caterpillar dealers, and consisted of product lines manufactured by Blount and others by Caterpillar.

Now the Timberking name goes away and Caterpillar and Cat branded lines of track feller bunchers, wheel feller bunchers, track harvesters, wheel harvesters, forwarders, truck- and trailer-mounted knuckleboom loaders and pedestal-mounted loaders will join the current Caterpillar lines of wheel and track skidders and forest swing machines.

Blount will continue to sell its brands of forestry equipment under the Prentice, Hydro-Ax, Fabtek and CTR brand names through its separate network of Blount dealers.

First shipments of Cat branded track feller bunchers and harvesters are expected this month, with the full line of Cat branded forestry machines expected to be available at Caterpillar dealerships worldwide within the next several months.

Caterpillar also said it has recently expanded production at its forestry manufacturing plant in LaGrange, Ga. The plant has been the sole manufacturing source for Caterpillar wheel skidders, and it is now the manufacturing center for the Caterpillar brand of tracked feller bunchers.

Other Caterpillar plants in the U.S., Japan, Asia, Brazil and Europe continue to produce forest swing machines, excavators, wheel loaders and other machines working in forests throughout the world. Blount has three manufacturing facilities producing Cat branded products.