Scania’s New 16L Marine Diesel

Posted on December 11, 2012

Scania has introduced a new 16L V8 marine diesel for the higher output commercial marine markets. The new 16L diesel has outputs to 1000 hp and torque to 2460 Ib.ft. for patrol craft and other commercial uses.

The output of the new 16-liter marine engines spans from 550 hp for continuous use to 1000 hp for patrol craft use. The ratings have been uprated for planing and displacement vessels.

Scania said the torque ratings of up to 2463.5 lb.ft. are particularly high for this output class to ensure ample performance even at low rpms, while facilitating running at favorable speeds in all conditions, including high seas and high loads.

Scania has also developed an instrumentation package for its marine engines. Via a web interface, the marine operator can adapt the information on the panels and choose any required data to be displayed. The panels have prepared layouts for water temperature, engine speed, oil pressure and fuel consumption. The operator can also connect and configure a gauge indicator for transmission monitoring and for fuel or fresh-water levels. The instrumentation is type approved by the DNV classification society.

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