Keeping Track With Service Tracker

Posted on December 15, 2008

OEM Data Delivery recently introduced the ST-900 Cellular Service Tracker, designed to precisely track equipment activity at remote locations. The ST-900 allows fleet owners to generate data on each machine’s usage hours, equipment location, idle vs. work logs, and mileage.

The ST-900 Cellular Service Tracker allows service alerts to be configured into the tracker to plan for schedulable maintenance and avoid over servicing and downtime of equipment. It also allows for regulatory documentation to be generated easier and reports for fuel tax refunds compiled faster for off-highway use. Fuel based maintenance data, total fuel usage, cumulative miles and other user specified logs such as PTO time, auxiliary equipment and travel logs can also be programmed into the system.

Constructed for severe operation, the ST-900 is targeted toward companies in construction, aggregate, utility, landfill, rental as well as others who operate equipment at multiple jobsites. According to OEM, the system can be equipped on all equipment brands and models and customized tracking systems can be engineered to a user’s or fleet’s requirements.

The ST-900 stores idle, work and run reports for 34 days in the history has a seven day travel log memory which includes GPS latitude and longitude, cumulative hours and cumulative mileage. A seven digital display showcases the alarm and communication diagnostics. Memory on the unit is 256K bytes with 15K bytes of RAM and 12 bytes of external Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM).

The ST-900 operates wirelessly, paper-free and hands-free as management reports are generated nightly via email or accessed through the web. The information is also fully integratable with any corporate computer system or accounting software, OEM said, and training on the system can be completed in only a few hours.