JM’s Catalytic Converter Certified For Ag Engines

Posted on December 8, 2008

The San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District (SJVUAPCD)—which protects America’s leading agricultural region in California—has certified Johnson Matthey’s CXX-8-4 catalytic converter for use on rich-burn natural gas engines used in agricultural applications such as irrigation.

The certified system combines the Johnson Matthey catalytic converter with a Lambda Management System air fuel ratio controller (AFRC) designed by Gas Systems LLC, San Marcos, Calif. Black Hawk Services, Johnson Matthey’s Southern California distributor coupled the Johnson Matthey converter with the Lambda system and coordinated the testing and paperwork with the SJVUAPCD for the certification.

According to Johnson Matthey, in this application, the CXX-8-4 catalytic converter reduced NOx and CO emissions by 95%, exceeding the 80% District Rule 4702 standard, and cut VOC emissions by 99%, exceeding the rule’s standard of 50 %. The Rule 4702 was adopted in January 2007.

The San Joaquin Valley Unified APCD granted certification based on third-party source test results for a 225 bhp Cummins Model G-855 gas engine used for water pumping. The current certification covers engines up to 250Hp, but additional third party testing is underway to expand the certification to include engines rated up to 350Hp.

Components of the certified emissions control system include the following:

  • Johnson Matthey Bandito NSCR 3-way Catalytic Converter.
  • Gas Systems Lambda Management Controller for air and fuel.
  • Bosch Model LSU 4.2 oxygen sensor.