Woodward, Tenneco To Collaborate On Aftertreatment Technology

Posted on December 8, 2006

Woodward Governor Co. and Tenneco Inc. announced that the companies have entered into a joint development agreement to develop a range of low-emission aftertreatment burner systems with Woodward SmartFire combustion control systems for regeneration of diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

The announcement said the new aftertreatment burner system will be designed to raise exhaust gas temperatures to the necessary levels for the diesel particulate filter to burn off built-up particulate matter. The goal is to develop the technology initially for on-highway medium-duty diesel vehicles, Class 3 and above. The companies said both new vehicles and retrofits are target uses for the system.

The system will be designed to independently monitor the DPF condition and start the regeneration process by igniting built-up particulates under any engine condition. The temperature will be carefully controlled to rise and maintain at the regeneration temperature until the DPF has fully regenerated.