Iran’s Khodro Diesel Announces Expansion

Posted on December 11, 2006

Iran Khodro Diesel Company (IKDC) said it will establish a truck production line in Senegal. Ali Ebrahimi, deputy chief of the company in charge of export and international affairs, said IKDC’s strategy is based on establishing production lines after finding markets in target countries. He cited Africa, Latin America, Arab, Central Asian and European countries as target markets for the truck manufacturing company.

Ebrahimi added that the company has established export offices in North, South and West Africa and has selected Senegal, Ivory Coast and Sudan as primary and Guinea, Nigeria and Burkina Faso as secondary target countries.

He noted that the company has signed a contract for export of 200 buses to Ivory Coast of which 96 buses would be delivered in the current Iranian calendar year. IKDC will also export 60 city buses to Sudan of which 10 buses have already been delivered. The official said that IKDC, in an effort to enter European markets, will establish bus production lines in Ukraine, Belarus and Turkey. Ebrahimi added that IKDC has exported vehicles to Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.