Tractor Sales Up For November: AEM

Posted on December 13, 2005

Tractor sales for the month of November showed an increase over the previous year’s totals, but overall sales for the year continued to lag in comparison to 2004, according to the monthly report by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). In comparison with November 2004, sales two- and four-wheel drive tractors in all horsepower ranges were up - 2.2% for tractors below 40 hp, 2.5% in the 40 to 100 hp range and 0.5% for 100 hp and above.

For the year, tractor sales fell in comparison to 2004 in both the under 40 hp and over 100 hp categories. Year-to-date sales in the sub-40 hp segment were down 5.6% to 119,419, while the over 100 hp market dipped 1.1% to 17,840 units. On the up side, year-to-date sales of midrange tractors (40 to 100 hp) jumped almost 8%, moving from 64,492 to 69,573 units sold. In aggregate, sales of all farm tractors was down just 0.9%, from 212,206 last year to 210,226 in 2005.