ConExpo-Con/Agg • March 4-8, 2014 • Las Vegas, Nev
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Nelson Global Products Launches BlueStop

Posted on March 4, 2014


Nelson Global Products launched a new, multi-step clear ceramic coating process called BlueStop, which protects chrome plated exhaust components from discoloration. BlueStop is designed to provide lasting protection from exhaust temperature-related chrome discoloration and surface contaminants while increasing corrosion resistance. Listing a temperature resistance of greater than 1000 degrees F, BlueStop is offered on chrome-plated exhaust components, from mufflers to heat shields.

Accordinging to Nelson, the unintended effect on chrome-plated components when exposed to surface contaminants and multiple heat cycles is surface "coloring" that ranges from gold to deep blue. BlueStop is intended to address the problem before it begins. “Unsightly discoloration of chrome has plagued vehicle designers and end-users for years,” said Tom Gosnell, CEO of Nelson Global Products. “High temperatures, generated by recent changes in emissions technology, have threatened to end the highly popular use of chromed exhaust pipes for vehicle applications.”  

Additionally, Nelson plans to release a new line of protective ceramic coatings in a variety of popular designer colors.   

See Nelson at Booth 764 at the Las Vegas Hotel


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