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BorgWarner Technologies On Display @ ConExpo

Posted on February 21, 2014

BorgWarner will display a variety of its technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation valves, EGR coolers with hybrid or corrugated tubes, fans and Visctronic fan drives, turbochargers, Hy-Vo chain drives as well as glow plugs and control modules.

The Visctronic fan drives utilize BorgWarner’s proven viscous technology with precise electronic control. The fan drive is controlled by the engine ECU for optimal fan speed modulation. On display at ConExpo is the new 663B Visctronic, specifically designed for the use in lighter construction machinery and offering highest durability, BorgWarner said.

The manufacturer supplies both wastegate and variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbochargers to JCB Power Systems for its Dieselmax 4.4 L engines, offering power ratings from 55 to 130 kW. BorgWarner’s BV55 VTG turbocharger technology features a high durability brushless actuator specifically designed and manufactured for use in heavy-duty turbochargers and EGR valves.

EGR valves and actuator technologies by BorgWarner, together with multiple-core EGR coolers with specially-designed hybrid tubes, provide superior heat rejection with less soot and hydrocarbon buildup. Advanced EGR coolers offer compact packaging options, giving engine manufacturers greater flexibility to meet their engine management strategies.

BorgWarner is also showcasing its Hy-Vo chains available in a large range of drive ratios. Cam Torque Actuated (CTA) phasers improve engine performance and fuel economy while reducing emissions, engine complexity and engine oil requirements. Now, the next generation of CTA phasers with its patented mid position lock (CTA MPL) provides engine designers with even wider calibration opportunities. Furthermore, the closed loop ceramic glow plug and the glow plug control module represent the latest generation of BorgWarner’s approved diesel cold-start technology. The advanced ceramic glow plugs fulfill the high requirements in terms of refinement, low emissions and performance of modern diesel engines as they heat up much quicker than conventional ceramic glow plugs, said the manufacturer.

See BorgWarner at Booth S4-85408.


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