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Jacobs Vehicle Systems Launches Engineering Service

Posted on August 22, 2013

Jacobs Vehicle Systems, the global manufacturer of engine retarding technologies and valve actuation systems, has launched an engineering service for outside companies.

JVS Engineering is led by a team from within Jacobs that can analyze and resolve technical issues using design and manufacturing process developed by Jacobs over its 50-year history, the company said. The new service can assist on engineering challenges not necessarily related to engine braking, as the group’s experience includes generating systems which integrate complex hydraulics, electronics and high-speed precision mechanisms, the company said. That helps make JVS Engineering adept at resolving challenges related to precise air and fluid control, repeatable high speed motion and high frequency control under demanding conditions, the Bloomfield, Conn.-based company said.

JVS Engineering’s capabilities include detailed simulation, concurrent engineering, design for manufacturing, rapid prototyping, testing and validation and custom manufacturing.