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DEF Nozzles and Accessories

Posted on August 2, 2013

Husky Corp., Pacific, Mo. is offering a variety of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dispensing  components including automatic shut-off stainless steel and polymer DEF nozzles plus a line of DEF Safe-T-Breaks, swivels, and adapters.   Husky said the designs use 100 percent ISO recognized DEF compatible materials including stainless steel, polymers and O-ring material and all are either UL listed or made with UL recognized components.

As DEF can cause dispensing equipment to clog outside its optimum temperature range of 12 to 86o F, Husky said its engineers designed a DEF nozzle with removable cartridge assemblies for components that come in contact with DEF.  Changing the affected modular part keeps DEF flowing. The automatic shut-off stainless steel DEF nozzle includes Husky’s unique Flo-Stop device that stops flow when the spout is above horizontal. It is available with three different spout options, including models with Spout Rings and Accufuel™ safety feature to prevent miss-fills.

Husky’s polymer DEF nozzle delivers have a Acetal body, stainless steel spout, and weighs 1.5 pounds. It includes many safety features of Husky’s conventional nozzles including an automatic shut-off system, the Flo-Stop device, and Husky’s patented stream shaper that prevents fluid splash-back. The polymer DEF nozzle meets UL guidelines mandating that the valve opens against the flow, Husky said.