New High-Speed Test Stand Transmission

Posted on August 24, 2012

Cotta Transmission Co., Beloit, Wis. has developed a new high-speed transmission that provides application flexibility for repair depot and multi-unit test stands. The new dual output SN2291 high-speed gearbox features a nominal power rating of 300 hp, 25,000 rpm output speed, and ratios up to 5 with the option to have different output ratios.

The SN2291 has a horizontal shaft design, single stage gearing, and comes with a lubrication system. Cotta’s high-speed transmissions are used for R&D and production testing of components such as generators, constant-speed drives, and pumps in the vehicular and military markets.

Cotta also designs and manufactures precision-engineered transmissions for a wide range of specialized mobile and stationary applications. Models are available in a range of output speeds up to 80,000 rpm. Modified-standard and custom models are also available to meet specific requirements.