Diesel Fuel Particulate and Water Contaminant Analyzer

Posted on August 24, 2012

Velcon has developed full-flow diesel fuel contaminant analyzer, and will unveil the analyzer at the MINExpo International 2012 in September. The Velcon Contaminant Analyzer for Diesel (VCA-D) is designed to provide real-time detection of water and particulate contaminants in diesel delivery systems.

Velcon’s VCA-D is designed to constantly monitor fuel quality using a patented laser sensing device. As a full–flow analyzer, the VCA-D mounts within a fuel delivery system thereby providing a representation of the pipeline contents.

The VCA-D analyzes fuel at flow rates higher than 1000 gpm through a four inch pipeline. The VCA-D also uses two separate sensor technologies to consistently differentiate between water and solid contaminants.

In addition, the VCA-D analyzes the contents of flowing fuel in a pipeline approximately 600 times a second, Velcon said, and outputs an averaged result every two seconds in mg/l, ppm, and representative ISO 4406 codes.

The VCA laser sensing device simultaneously detects solid particulate and water contaminate within the fuel. In the presence of wet and particulate contaminated fuel, the VCA can initiate the halting of the fueling operation and alert the operator, assuring that only clean-dry fuel reaches the equipment.