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Linde Unveils New LSC+, Start-Stop Technology

Posted on April 18, 2013

At bauma 2013, Linde Hydraulics revealed the latest generation of its Linde Synchron Control (LSC) load sensing hydraulic system, along with a new mobile machine technology that is designed to shut down and restart the engine automatically as part of a fuel-saving strategy.

Both the hydraulic and electrohydraulic versions of the LSC system are engineered to deliver quick actuating times and simultaneous synchronous control functionality, the company said. The electronics identify the operator's intentions and set pump and valves to the highly dynamic or fine control range, depending on the requirement.

Linde Hydraulics offers LSC+ as a complete system including the electronic control and a new monoblock valve system available in 25 and 30 nominal sizes.

Linde’s new Start-Stop system is designed to save fuel and reduce noise generation in construction machines. The basis of the automated start-stop system is the electrically controlled MPR 50 medium pressure pump. When the diesel engine is in operation, the pump charges a compact hydraulic accumulator.

When the Linde Hydraulics electronic control unit (LINC) detects that the driving and working functions have come to a standstill, the internal combustion engine is switched off. When the operator touches the pedal or moves the steering wheel or joystick, power is fed from the accumulator via a valve block back to the MPR pump, which then functions as a starter motor. The diesel engine then ramps up to a pre-set engine speed. Linde said this starting procedure is four times quicker than starting using an electric starter motor, ensuring that the machine is ready for operation without any noticeable delay.

Linde said that after 2.5 seconds, the consumption advantage gained by switching off the internal combustion engine is greater than the energy required to start it. The company said the system was suitable for wheel loaders, telehandlers and other construction machines with intermittent working patterns.