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Hydraulic Fan Drive Control For Tier 4 Machines

Posted on April 23, 2013

 Sauer-Danfoss has introduced a Plus+1 compliant fan drive control (FDC) for its H1 family of piston pumps.  The fan drive control design utilizes closed-circuit technology to meet what Sauer-Danfoss says are customer needs for more efficient and robust hydraulic cooling fan systems in Tier 4-compliant mobile off-highway equipment applications.

Applicable for meeting cooling system fan power requirements in machines above 27 hp, the FDC offers proportional forward control with reversing and zero-speed capability, a maximum-displacement full forward speed fault position and Plus+1 compatibility.

Modulating hydraulic fan drives continuously adjust fan speed to the lowest level required to maintain proper cooling. The variable-flow functionality of the fan drive control is designed to provide increased efficiency offering Tier 4 equipment designers power and fuel savings in most operating conditions, he said.

In addition to proportional forward control that enables modulating hydraulic fan drive control, the H1 pump family offers reversibility and zero-speed capability. The fan drive control can automatically reverse the direction of the fan to purge trapped dirt and debris and restore cooling to peak efficiency. The product also offers the ability to stop the fan completely in circumstances where cooling needs are minimal.

Another benefit of a closed-circuit system is what occurs in the event of a controller or electrical failure. The fault position of the pump is toward full forward displacement, enabling the fan to run at full speed to maintain the integrity of the cooling system on the vehicle.  Maximum fan speed is determined by the pressure limiter setting.

The fan drive control is available in 12V and 24V controls and is applicable on all H1 frame sizes. 

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