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Gesture Recognition Library For Off-Highway Machines

Posted on April 25, 2013

Grayhill, Inc., LaGrange, Ill.  has announced the release of the latest version of its Instinct Gesture Recognition Library.  Instinct is a software tool that converts multi-touch sensor data into gestures, giving any device functionality similar to an iPhone, Grayhill said.  The new Instinct 2.0 version now provides capability for 3D image control, among other new features, and is applicable for use with control panels on a variety of equipment, including off-highway equipment.

Instinct Touch Technology combines the Instinct Gesture Recognition Library with a Grayhill human interface device (HID) to track movements from the device’s touch pad, using as many as five fingers at a time.  The data is converted into gestures, which can be fed to the user’s application or operating system.

Instinct 2.0 collects and interprets several types of tracking data for machine control and image manipulation: gesture events -- tap, double tap, touch and hold and multi-finger events; and dynamic gestures -- streaming data generated by continuous movement tracking, such as scrolling, rotating and zooming as well as three finger gestures such as tilt and 3D rotation. 

With all dynamic gestures, an equipment manufacturer can control “momentum” parameters. Grayhill said this can improve user efficiency, useful in applications such as simulating a trackball input. 

The most significant new feature of Instinct 2.0, according to Grayhill, is its ability to interpret gestures and optimize data for the control of 3D images.  The software accomplishes this by recognizing multi-touch gestures to allow control with “six degrees of freedom.”