Cartridge Valves

Posted on April 27, 2012

Comatrol has introduced the 09 Series cartridge valves for proportional and on/off pilot control of clutches, brakes and directional control valves. The series includes two on/off solenoid valves and a proportional pressure reducing valve. The valves are especially designed for pilot applications requiring minimal pressure losses in the system.

The two on/off solenoid valves offer customers the choice of two-position, three-way (SV09-23-02) and two position, four-way (SV09-24-01) schematics. Both designs can operate to pilot pressures of 1450 psi with a flow rate of over 5.3 gpm.

The proportional pilot control, the PPR09-POD, provides precise electro-proportional control of the clutch or directional valve. It is a proportional pressure reducing/relieving valve that is pilot operated and normally open to drain. This design means that there is no actuator movement with zero current, which is ideal for these pilot control applications. The valve comes with standard reduced pressure settings of 290 and 360 psi, with flow capability exceeding 7.0 gpm.

All three valves, use the optional inlet screen to protect the system from large particles. A more robust coil can be selected for environmental conditions such as voltage extremes, high temperature, shock and vibration, chemicals, and/or water ingression.