Usunco To Supply DOCs in China

Posted on April 29, 2008

Equicap, Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Usunco Automotive has begun supplying diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology to Chinese tier-one automobile and off-road vehicle manufacturers. Usunco has entered into an agreement with and provided sample substrates of DOC applications to a manufacturer in Shandong Province. This manufacturer is expected to can the substrates into completed catalysts and sell to Chinese system integrators and vehicle manufacturers.

Usunco said the DOC technology was developed by a U.S.-based R&D corporation specializing in emission reduction for diesel engines. The patented new technology of an advanced coating is formulated to operate at lower diesel exhaust temperatures and to allow for lower platinum group metal (PGM) loading. The newly formulated and advanced coating that Usunco is introducing produces a catalyst to react at less than 392°F (200°C), which allows the oxidation process for CO and HC to take place at engine startup when it is at a colder thermal state, the company said.

According to China Custom statistics, in 2007, the production output of low-speed diesel engines is 1.69 million sets with total power of 2.27 million kW in China, both import and local production increased 28% and 35% respectively compared to 2006. "The introduction of our new DOC technology to China has a great market potential in the right place at the right time,” said Jason Lu, CEO of Usunco Automotive.