Italian Telehandlers For Canada

Posted on April 17, 2006

Degelman Industries announced that it is now the exclusive distributor in Canada for Italian-designed and manufactured Dieci telehandlers. Reported to be among the top telehandler manufacturers in the world, Dieci, S.r.l. manufactures 33 models of telehandlers powered by Iveco and Deutz diesel engines, along with more than 30 attachments, including buckets, man lifts, grapples, bale handlers, forks, cement slewers and winches. The company has been building telehandlers since 1983, and also manufacturers a range of truck mixers, dumpers and specialty vehicles.

"This is a new, important choice for telehandler customers across Canada,” said Wilf Degelman, president of Degelman Industries. “They can now benefit from world-class design solutions coupled with the Degelman name for quality and service." Customers will be able to purchase or rent the new Dieci telehandlers through a cross-Canada dealer network.

To keep up with expected demand, Dieci plans to open a 1 million sq. ft. factory on January 15, 2007. "We're excited about our partnership with Degelman Industries,” said Ciro Correggi, Dieci's owner. “They bring a strong North American brand and distribution focus and they're as committed to bringing the best possible products to customers as we are."

Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Degelman manufactures agricultural and industrial equipment, along with a wide array of hitch and attachment products including bulldozer blades, material handling buckets, rock removal equipment, cutting equipment and soil engaging tools.