Delphi For JCB For Tier 3

Posted on April 12, 2006

Delphi Corp. said its Multec medium duty common rail (MDCR) fuel system from has been chosen by JCB for its 4.4 liter in-house diesel engine designed specifically for off-highway applications. This engine has been in production since 2004. Delphi said the Multec MDCR will help JCB to meet Tier 3 emissions standards.

Delphi will be providing a complete MDCR fuel injection system to JCB consisting of the pump, rail, injectors, filter and an engine mounted electronic control unit.

The Multec MDCR is a modular diesel fuel injection system, capable of up to 1800 bar system pressure. At the heart of the system is a servo-solenoid injector designed to optimize fuel rate, spray shape and accuracy. The Multec system provides small injection quantities in a small injector package, and uses closed-loop strategies to deliver precise fuel quantities over the life of the engine.