ArvinMeritor To Supply Aftertreatment To AM General Subsidiary

Posted on April 3, 2006

ArvinMeritor and General Engine Products (GEP), a solely owned subsidiary of AM General, jointly announced an agreement under which ArvinMeritor will supply its ActiveClean Atomizer technology, as part of the emissions control
aftertreatment system for GEP's 2007 Optimizer 6500 V8 TurboDiesel engine
line. The aftertreatment system will help the Optimizer engines meet the EPA 2007 emissions regulations.

The Atomizer system is designed to provide uniform disbursement of diesel
fuel into the exhaust stream at the optimal particle size so the fuel
can provide efficient regeneration of a diesel particulate filter and/or a
lean NOx trap. GEP will also utilize exhaust gas recirculation (EGR),
oxidation catalysts, particulate filters and NOx traps to meet the new
emissions standards. Optimizer engines equipped with the Atomizer will be available for applications such as buses, delivery trucks, and other commercial engine applications, the company said.